Our multi-day, 15 hour class (six consecutive 2.5 hour weeknight classes, or a three-day weekend intensive), is set up in a fun and interactive format, encouraging students to get to know each other.  Each day of class will have a birthing segment, a comfort measure segment, and a postpartum/newborn segment, to help you prepare for both your home birth and your first few weeks with your new baby

Dedicated dads learning to set up a birth pool in home birth class

Dedicated dads learning to set up a birth pool in home birth class

Home Birth Preparation

Make the most of your time and money with a prenatal class that’s catered specifically to your plans to birth at home. Discover what you need really need to know and do to prepare for a home birth as opposed to a class that tries to cater to everyone with more generic information:
  • Understanding your home birth options
  • Maximizing your chances for a healthy home birth
  • Home birth supplies – what do you really need?
  • Birth pool set-up for home birth
  • Home birth safety
  • Understanding the normal process of birth
  • Comfort measures for your home birth
  • Tips for partners at a home birth
  • Preparing your home for the birth
  • Make a birth plan: in-class workshop!
  • The need-to-knows about hospital birth in case of a hospital transfer or change of plans…

PLUS Life With A New Baby

After the birth is said and done, you’ll be at home with your new baby! We won’t forget about this in your Birth at Home prenatal class. Feel confident and prepared for parenthood with hands-on practice and practical tips for the early newborn and postpartum period:
  • Preparing for the first few weeks
  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Diapering and clothes
  • Babywearing
  • Sleeping




 View detailed course outline here.

$425 includes a free Home Birth Supply Kit, online access to educational resources, and a copy of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley).

(Courses starting Feb 2016 or earlier are $395 but without a copy of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering).

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