North Vancouver Classes: Birth At Home


Birth At Home classes in North Vancouver and Burnaby, BC are taught by Fauve MacKenzie of Birthing Embrace.

Fauve MacKenzie is a certified childbirth educator, breastfeeding educator, infant sleep educator, and birth doula who works in North Vancouver and Burnaby, BC. Fauve brings extensive knowledge from her certifications and training, as well as experience from her own births and the many births she has attended as a doula. She is passionate about teaching others how amazing home birth is and the unique benefits it provides. She offers expectant couples the education and support to make informed choices regarding the full spectrum of options available throughout the birth process, and unlock the innate skills that produce a positive birthing experience. Her goal is to provide our community with the confidence, knowledge, and support to make home birth a positive, safe, informed, and empowered experience.

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